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04:28pm 22/02/2006
  Hi, I'm new. I just finished doing the hometest for Cooper Union and I'd love to hear opinions, criticisms, anything on it.
(It was a test I had 22 days to finish. I had to create artwork in response to prompts given.)
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11:43am 29/05/2004
  hi! i have an interesting collage using mixed media such as multiples of photographs and other objects. it was made by this guy i called "orpheus." it is the LAST PICTURE (#16 to be exact) among the the 16 pics displayed. you can see it on andrew's website:


Posted comments and criticism are appreciated. thanx - a grace
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03:39pm 26/05/2004
  I am doing more collage and writing pieces and veering off a bit from the "art deco on acid" - my influences lately have been influenced by collage, arabic and greek writing, cats, and people - who i shall name by the pseudonyms i created for them "the nurturer," "rumplestiltskin," "stathis the strange," and "orpheus."

to see more of my new stuff - go to this link on Andrew's website:


posted comments and criticism under the pictures are welcomed, read, considered, and appreciated. they help give me new ideas.

thanx, a grace
03:09pm 23/05/2004
  hello, i manufactured more art deco on acid pieces. You can see them on Andrew's website at:


Criticism and comments posted on there are read and appreciated. thanx - a grace
05:49pm 18/05/2004
  hi, i dabbled in photography for 3 months - the photos are posted in andrew's website at this link:


Could you please post comments and criticism under the pics. I read them to give me new ideas, to envision things differently, and to notice things i didn't see. thanx - a grace
11:51pm 23/01/2004
JOIN US! art_cocktail
09:46pm 13/10/2003
mood: artistic
care to critique? birthday art.Collapse )

things i have allready noticed that are wrong include:
- shading of jeans and in the orange shirt
- arm anatomy on both characters
- neck shape on female character

anything else? pros or cons? suggestions of any type?
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10:39pm 29/09/2003
mood: thirsty
critique for me, please?Collapse )
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First post... 
03:17pm 18/06/2003
mood: awake
First post... This was done purely in photoshop with a pressure pen tablet and nothing else. Main reason? Scanner's dead. I usually prefer working with a scanned picture rather than drawing in photoshop straight from scratch.

Click For the ART - and the story behind it.Collapse )
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Well, here's a try. 
07:52pm 02/06/2003
mood: amused
I think it's my first post. ;;;; Ah well. Here we go, Open Canvas doodle.

Nothing impressive..and..I drew it up pretty fast. o.o I dunno what's wrong with it, but ah well. XP;

(I had to screencap him, hence why he has a grey line under him)

*goes back to hiding/lurking in hole*
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09:47pm 02/06/2003
  Here, have a group shot. An unfinished group shot.  
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And im so curious, and IVE GOT LASER EYES HEY! 
02:11am 12/05/2003
mood: crazy
Alright well heres some more sketches, yeah.. um guess I just want to know what you guys think and stuffs. that about it yup

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first pic post.... 
01:49pm 05/05/2003
mood: stressed
*runs in late as usual*
please bear with me as im STILL trying to make it through past posts.....i WILL respond, dammit, i WILL~!!!

as for the pic, i know there's TONS of negative space, but at the time, i didnt really care....and i still dont, really. :) what im catching alot of flack on though, is 'lining up the eyes.' i really cant see where there's much a problem, but people ALWAYS tell me that the eyes dont line up, or they're unproportioned, etc. can you guys suggest any help?

thank you again,.....and i will get through to commenting on the other pics around here. :):):)
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09:54pm 26/04/2003
mood: discontent
Her name is Doll. She's cut-tagged because nudity is more than suggested.

Her face and head have serious issues, but I can't quite pinpoint them. Also, her thigh tapers too sharply.

Doll. Beware of nudity. Or, you know, not.Collapse )

Note: Doll is hosted on unreliable Villagephotos.com because I have no other place to put her because I keep forgetting to set up my account with my host. So if the image doesn't work... umm, I don't know how to help you. ::wince:: Sorry. Eek.
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04:19pm 26/04/2003
  I know it has no background- I couldn't get anything out of it. I've also been told his leg is too stiff (the back one), but I don't quite get that.

Critique away.
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First Post 
12:07am 25/04/2003
mood: uncomfortable
Moshi moshi minna...yes, I know it's for the phone, but I just enjoy saying it =p Just wanted to introduce myself to the community, I can see that there's some pretty good art goin around here...I'll do my best to assist minna in their artwork, and I know minna will assist me! Btw, some ppl know me as Kurimuzon from some other art forums, so if ya do, 'lo again heehee =^_^=
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I don't usually do paintchats, but... 
11:52pm 23/04/2003
  There's a rather fancy one at Gloves and Holly. So, er.

I think his legs may be too short, and I took some hair off of the top of his head in Photoshop...
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10:12pm 21/04/2003
  Hello all..^^ I found this community through emperor_boy 's journal, and joined a day or two after. ^^ I don't think I'm good with art, but I like what I do, I guess that counts for something. Methinks I'll be posting here occasionally and be lurking around mostly, commenting on pictures and such. Anyway, hullo~!  
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08:32pm 21/04/2003
mood: busy
So i did this not to long ago. Im pleased with the way the guy came out but I almost never like the girls. Im pretty sure her head is to big But im not sure how to make it more porpotional... and I sort of had problems with her legs. I used a refrence pic for the pose.

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05:21pm 21/04/2003
mood: calm
Hey I found out about this lil community from jenni_the_odd's post and I thought it sounds like a cool deal. So Im an aspiring artist, consantly trying to get better. I do a little crappy comic for my university's paper but im looking to get crits on the sketches I do in my spare time to get better at anatomy and other aspects. I hope the sketch quality of my stuff isn't a problem, I just prefer that style especially if its stuff I do when i have a few moments to draw what I want to draw. And Im here to offer sugestions to other peoples work since ive had more exprience with art now after the classes I've taken.
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