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first pic post....

*runs in late as usual*
please bear with me as im STILL trying to make it through past posts.....i WILL respond, dammit, i WILL~!!!

as for the pic, i know there's TONS of negative space, but at the time, i didnt really care....and i still dont, really. :) what im catching alot of flack on though, is 'lining up the eyes.' i really cant see where there's much a problem, but people ALWAYS tell me that the eyes dont line up, or they're unproportioned, etc. can you guys suggest any help?

thank you again,.....and i will get through to commenting on the other pics around here. :):):)
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I think what is meant by "lining up the eyes" is not so much a matter of them being too high or too low- they are too far apart, too close to the sides of the head, as if her (her?) eyes wrap around her head in a slightly disconcerting manner. Her nose is a little low for my tastes, but the lineart style I like. Hair's good too, not too much detail, nice balance. On HER right side, however, her face seems to cave in too much.
Hmm, I think em seems to have covered everything. I guess ill mention that the mouth is entierly to small at least in proportion to the eyes, but thats anime style for ya so im not sure its thats really a helpful crit.