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First post...

First post... This was done purely in photoshop with a pressure pen tablet and nothing else. Main reason? Scanner's dead. I usually prefer working with a scanned picture rather than drawing in photoshop straight from scratch.

He was called Caoilte Riain. He was among one of the strongest chieftains of the ancient celts. Courageous and wise, he only battled when needed, and only for the purporse of keeping peace in his fortress. He was a good man who cared deeply for his people...perhaps too deeply.
hen he witnessed an act that a vampire of the ancient dearg-due clan by the name of Aidan O'Corra had killed one of his soldiers, he went into a mad frenzy to try and search for the one that had hurt his own people, sending out search parties, hunting day and night, and pouring over ancient scrolls and searching for a way to kill him. It was during those long nights when he suddenly became obsessed over Aidan - to a point where he figured his only existence was for Aidan alone - a balance between undying lust and hate.

The unearthly desires led him to a point where he had himself turn into a vampire - so he could live out his days in searching for Aidan - to kill him. He neglected his people and his life, turning them loose. His past life died and vanished into time as he continued to search for Aidan.

Caoilte Riain dissapeared into a legend, but some say he is still alive - that he had stopped his search in believing that Aidan will return to him. To be killed by his own hands.
Many things spring from hate and the yearning for revenge. Obsession of love for the enemy is not uncommon.
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