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The Center for Honest Criticism

"I'm sorry, legs just don't bend like that."

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The Rules are Reasonable, So Follow them or Be Troutsmacked.

1. Art that looks like a five year old drew it will be treated like art that a five year old drew, or the way it should be treated. Give it a good look over, figure out if it's supposed to be a joke, then have your say. If it's obviously a joke, then flame away. If it's someone who is not very skilled, let them know. There's no need to be an ass about it, but it's about honesty. If the person's in college and still drawing DBZ, then let them know that they might want to find a new hobby.

2. Common sense will have to be used when judging art that is either far inferior or far superior to the art of the judging member. There's two major things that have to be considered here: Even if your art is not as good as so-and-so's, don't be afraid to point out something you see wrong with the picture. Also, consider the sensitivity of a less-experienced draftsman. If you're like a god to them, don't be an ass to them. STILL POINT OUT WHAT IS WRONG. EVERYTHING THAT IS WRONG. But don't forget to find something that is right and point it out as well, if it is at all possible.

3. Art involving nudity or mild sexual acts (shonen(or shoujo) -ai or mild yaoi (or yuri), softcore hentai, romantic works, anatomy studies) is very acceptable in this community. Nothing extreme (no penetration, no rape, etc). Also, any picture that might be considered "objectionable" MUST be posted behind an LJ-cut with the link giving a warning about what can be found behind it. This is so people reading at work or school (or who just don't like naked people) are not given any trouble. There's always the choice of not looking if you don't want to see it.

4. Also use common sense when it comes to words like "ugly" and "fat" or "disgusting". Some pictures really do suit those descriptions. But there are some occasions when pointing these things out will simply make you look like an idiot; for instance, perhaps the character is INTENDED to be overweight. Also consider that the norm for drawing females is actually underweight- some people's characters have heads wider than their waists! A character with an actual body shape is not by default "fat". So don't always point out that "this character is fat" as if it was mistake. A better way to voice this sort of concern (if you think it was unintentional) is "this character is misproportionate in so and so places". An ugly character may well be intended to be ugly- try to use context clues in the art to pick out whether this was the intent or not. Usually the skill of the artist will clue you in; if an artist is highly skilled and the character is ugly, it is probably intentional. If the artist is NOT so skilled, the unnatractive features are almost definitely accidental. Also, if someone has drawn a hell-creature or a monster of some sort, saying "EW, THAT'S SO DISGUSTING LOL LOL LOL" is probably not very constructive and may get you trout-smacked.

5. I don't like it when all pictures are posted behind lj-cuts. I've noticed it makes people less likely to look at your picture (Unless it's something really interesting in the link). As long as a picture is appropriate, it should be directly viewed from the post. An exception to this is if the picture is very large, or if it has a series that is appropriate to be reviewed with it.

6. Quality and style are more important than subject matter in this community, but of course, any good picture will be the best of both worlds. This philosophy comes down to an example: (I'll use furry art again even though it's not something I'm really into) Reviewer does not like furries as a subject matter. However, it is undeniable that the artist is very skilled, and the composition of the picture is good. Therefore, the Reviewer should take into account the skill of the artist and not turn the comment into a furry-bashing fest. The Reviewer should be respectful and honest. However, it is obviously understandable that the review of say, a samurai in the snow that Reviewer does is going to be more positive. It's the mix of quality and subject matter that makes him happier.

7. Please make an introductory post before posting art- it would be preferred seperate.

8. All reviews must be thorough and make sense. If you have to use spell-check, do it.

9. Feel free to argue as much as you want with other reviewers. Just make sure to back up your position. This is a community for intelligent people.

10. If you have broken a rule or done something a moderator feels is incredibly stupid, you will get a comment under your post/comment with a picture of a trout/troutsmack under it. If you recieve five of these, you will be banned from the community.